Sally Isaís

Sally Isáis heeded God’s calling to join Milamex’s team in 1982, after graduating from Wheaton College. Passionate about worshipping and praising God as a lifestyle, since 2002 she has been the leader of Milamex, which was founded by her parents. Writer, editor, mentor and director of the ASAF choir she feels privileged to empower a new generation that is eager to serve God through the different ministries of Milamex. Married to Said Ramirez, the couple has a daughter and a son, both married.

Cynthia & Carlos

This energetic couple runs a ministry center in Mexico City that includes a guesthouse for backpackers, seekers and various start-ups. They give young adults and ministry leaders space to explore and pursue their calling in God’s mission. Their team coaches and empowers Latinos with strategy building, communications, and networking to achieve greater impact in their communities. A Wheaton College graduate, Cynthia is a third-generation missionary.

Sara Trejo

Sara Trejo is the assistant editor for the different magazines and books published by Milamex. She’s the first contact between the writers and the publishing house. She provides follow up for amateur writers and schedules the content for our social media groups. As a writer, she has been a regular contributor for Prisma magazine, since 2002.

Adaía Sánchez

Adaía is developing the human resources and counseling department, creating processes and adapting resources that cater to the needs of nonprofits and ministries. She’s a Psychologist and missions coach. Her passion is to collaborate with ministries and mobilize people to find their place in God’s mission, walking with them in their growth and through the process of embracing their unique design.

Andrea Hernández

Andrea leads the coaching program at the Latin Center for Mobilization. Her heart is to have intentional one on one conversations with people eager to attend to God’s invitation and involved in His mission. She also enjoys sharing valuable resources that add to the wholistic growth of people. She writes for the different publications of Milamex focusing on coaching, missions, millenials, leaders, professionals and marriages.

Brenda García

Brenda García Blumenkron works with visual communications for Milamex. She creates high level design, branding and advertising for this and other ministries through the communications agency. She leads "Imagen y Semejanza" an art ministry that connects Christian artists to collaborate, participate and develop as a group creatively. She is passionate about camping and enjoys leading activities of reflection and integration for the staff and Warm Heart volunteers.

Laura García

Laura is responsible for the financial books of Milamex. She’s been a part of the team for more than 15 years. Her diligence in managing the resources and donations helps us bring to life the projects of all our ministries.

Paola del Castillo

Paola del Castillo Avendaño is a Graphic Designer. She came to know Christ through the testimony of the granddaughter of Juan and Liz Isáis, founders of Milamex. Later she made her decision for Christ at Camp Kikotén (a ministry started by Milamex). She’s been a part of the Milamex team since 2011.She’s married and has two small children. He works involves editing manuscripts and the editorial design of the Milamex publications.

Sergio Mendoza

Sergio is in charge of digital marketing to reach more people with all the resources, materials and events offered by Milamex. Connecting with people to help them find valuable content is his passion.

Itzel Gaspar

Itzel serves as Administrative Assistant at Milamex. She directly supports Cynthia. She has a passion for people, their stories and purpose. Her vision is that each child of God will fulfill his call to make Christ known. That’s why she’s glad to be part of an organization that is dedicated to achieving it.

Oswaldo Tovar

Oswaldo has worked at Milamex for over 20 years. His task is to establish contact with the bookstores that distribute our materials. He is also our messenger and supports all our ministries as a logistics assistant. His loyalty has blessed the team and has kept him as a key member of the team.

Thamara Rincón

Thamara collaborates in the Public Relations department, communicating each and every one of the tools Milamex has for churches, ministries and individuals. Do you want to know how Milamex can help you? Thamara can tell you. She’s a Psychologist and has experience as a graphic designer. Her passion is to share with people and help them discover the talent and design they have and push them towards their goals. She is also one of our coaches.

Eliab Bautista

Eliab collaborates in the technology area, supporting users, designing and developing web pages and applications and implementing new strategies and systems that help improve the organization. As a volunteer, he has participated in many of Milamex's ministries, so they have a special place in his heart.

Marin Hulme

Marin is a volunteer at Warm Heart. In collaboration with AVANCE, Marin serves with us as a short-term missionary.

Madeleine Morrison

Maddy is a volunteer at Warm Heart Coffee House. In collaboration with AVANCE, Maddy serves with us as a short-term missionary.